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free christmas cupcake clipart

Free Christmas Cupcake Clipart

Holiday cupcake image of a red and green vanilla treat decorated with a star and tree greens for Christmas. This free cupcake clipart can be used on personal and commercial websites or blogs, Christmas cards or graphic designs and any other project you can think

smiley face cupcake

Smiley Face Cupcake

A pink and yellow smiley face cupcake clip art transparent PNG graphic. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. You can save the image above and use it on your blog or website. This reminds me of a lego man,

pink purple cupcake clipart

Pink and Purple Cupcake Clipart

This is a cupcake clipart that I drew by hand and then tried to give that messy sketchy kind of look by coloring it pink and purple outside the lines. I hope you like it! You can click on the image to open and save

pink turquoise cupcake

Pink and Turquoise Cupcake Clipart

Today I made this little pink and turquoise cupcake clipart to share. This free image can be used for any personal or commercial projects. You could add a decoration on top to make it more fun, maybe I’ll post it again doing something like that,