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Cupcake Clipart Freebie – Pink Star

Free cupcake clipart image decorated with pink and white with star accents. What is your favorite decoration for on top of your cupcakes? I like anything as long as it tastes good. What do stars taste like? The image can be enlarged and saved to

purple cupcake clipart

Purple Cupcake Image

This purple cupcake image reminds me of subtle paper patterns and has a cute striped bottom and small patterned top. Click on the image to view full sized transparent PNG file that you can save.

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Welcome to Cupcake Clipart

Welcome to cupcakeclipart.com – this is my cupcake blog dedicated to free cupcake images that I have created for you to download! Soon there will be a large selection of clipart and photos of the adorable sweet treats. I love art, graphic design and website