Free Pictures of Cupcakes

free pink cupcake photoThis cupcake tasted as good as it looked. Cute¬†pink swirl icing atop this cupcake photograph with a few other pastel colored cakes in the background. I’m planning to make this into a greeting card image soon.¬† There is a gourmet cupcake bakery too close to me and I indulge way too often.

This image can be used “royalty free” like a stock photo for personal blogs or commercial websites, for print media online or offline. You may credit if you want to share.


picture of cupcakeI distressed and made this image a bit grungy, it was a raspberry treat that I photographed on a blue background to provide a nice contrast. Pink and blue together is one of my favorite color combinations. Would make a great desktop wallpaper background for your computer.


cupcake on blueCreatively cropped chocolate cupcake with pink icing on blue background – again I love those colors together. From the same cake as the first photo only a different angle.

Little pieces of perfection and art in themselves.